World class knowledge, professional experience

Expert aquarium maintenance and installation.  Get it done right the first time

With over 10 years experience and a mini ocean under its current care, JK-Fish is the best choice in New Jersey when it comes to aquarium maintenance.  Nitrate levels, RO filtration, salinity…..there are so many factors  that influence the health of your aquarium, trying to take all of them on by yourself without training and experience could be extremely dangerous to the fish and corals.

That’s where we come in!  We have the tools and the know-how to keep your fish healthy, and your tank looking it’s best.  We also offer professional aquarium installations to insure that your system is functioning properly before the fish and corals are introduced.

It’s all about the water!

Better water, healthier fish, happier you

Effective aquarium maintenance is more than just plucking out dead fish, dumping some food into the tank and wiping down the glass.  There is a real science to keeping the water levels just right for sustaining ocean life.  JK Fish exclusively uses RO filtered water in all of its systems so that your tank starts with the purest water possible.  Diet is obviously a big part of fish tank maintenance, but the chemistry of the system has an enormous effect on the stress levels of the fish.  If they don’t feel right, they won’t eat anyway.  Keeping them comfortable and feeling at home is our main goal.

Diet and stress

Many factors can affect the health of your fish

Fish eat all day, every day.  They are programmed to survive, “eat or be eaten” is not just a catchy phrase, its basically all these fish know.  When they don’t eat, or are experiencing high stress due to water levels and predators, fish become sick.  Like humans, stress kills fish, so regular feeds and system level checks are a must when dealing with any saltwater aquarium.