Why JK-Fish?

The Difference is in the Rock…

What makes our aquarimus different is that we strive to keep things running as naturally as possible. That means no fake plants, no fake rocks. The rock used in each one of our salt water ecosystems comes directly from the most exotic reefs from around the world, so it’s full of bacteria and organisms that recreate the ocean environment and make your fish and corals feel right at home.

Our Systems

Enjoy world class reefs from the comfort of your home

JK-Fish brings quality to each and every one of our aquariums. Each system is stocked with a selection of exotic livestock ranging from African Cichlids to Hawaiian seahorses. Think of our systems as exact replicas of the most beautiful reefs from around the world. Imagine having your office alongside the breathtaking Kupang reef in Indonesia, or relaxing with the family in front of the gorgeous Bavaro reef in Punta Cana. Our aquariums bring the wonders of the ocean directly to you, all of which wrapped in beautiful custom cabinetry to match the decor of your space. State of the art LED lighting systems transform that space into a comfortable underwater world that make your animals feel right at home. Careful planning, balanced nutrient levels, and precise lighting are just a few key ingredients involved in creating these symbiotic environments.